High quality properties worth investing in.

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High quality properties worth investing in.

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We are a Collective

We understand the importance of the details when it comes to investing.

Classic Collectives is a backed by Classic Group, with 25 years of expertise.
Our involvement in the industry gives us the opportunities to access high-quality investment properties, and contacts to identify off-market opportunities for our investors – the reason for establishing Classic Collectives.

Often, many individuals are limited to investment property assets in the $1 – 3m range because of affordability and their resources. By pooling resources and collaborating, individual investors have
an opportunity to access assets in the 10 million-plus range.

This is not a new concept; however, we allow our investors to maintain an element of direct input and ownership.

Investor opportunity

Our target assets are normally brand new, or near new industrial and commercial buildings, with national and international tenants. You have to be a Wholesale Investor, for the purpose of the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013.

Projected Gross Return P/A*
Years Weighted avg lease term*
Million+ Range for high-quality assets
Approximately of the purchase price is funded with debt

*Disclaimer: Projected pre tax return for full one year period. Limited to Wholesale investors under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013. | Details on how the return will be calculated and the risk associated with the investment and return are set out in an Information Memorandum that can be provided upon request

Educated. Experienced. Exclusive.

Working hard to achieve good returns for investors, while maintaining
high-quality properties for New Zealand.

Your questions answered

We understand the importance of the details, when it comes to collective investing. Here are some of the things we anticipate you would like to know.

Approximately 45% – 50% of the purchase price will be funded with debt.

The debt is non recourse so no personal guarantees are required.

Depends on the size of the fund, however we endeavour to keep this as low as possible.

A professional property manager is engaged to manage property on day to day basis.

Quarterly management accounts will be provided by KPMG.

Financial modelling will be prepared by KPMG.

The legal entity is usually a Limited Partnership (LP) registered under LPA 2008 Act.

Directors of  the LP will be elected by consensus of the shareholders.

Exit mechanism will be included in LP Agreement.

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