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Classic Collectives Limited is your opportunity to participate in a premium property investment providing results difficult to achieve as an individual.

By investing in Classic Collectives Limited, you will be pooling resources to invest in an independently managed structure allowing you to experience the benefits and support of our knowledgeable and experienced property experts. We facilitate smart property investment and management delivering long-term monthly financial benefits.

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Your questions answered

Here are some of the things you need to know

Refer to the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013

Exit mechanism will be included in the Limited Partnership Agreement.

  • Right to sell at any time subject to first right in favour of the other partners;
  • Five year review mechanism

Approximately 30% – 50% of the purchase price is usually funded with debt.

The debt is non recourse so no personal guarantees are required.

Depends on the size of the fund, however we endeavour to keep this as low as possible.

A professional Property Manager is engaged to manage a property on a day to day basis.

Quarterly financial and management reports will be provided by KPMG and the Property Manager.

The legal entity will be a Limited Partnership (LP) registered under the Limited Partnership Act 2008. The governance of the LP will be determined by consensus of the partners.

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